Without Dance, What’s the Pointe?

Without Dance, What’s the Pointe?

Say hello to two fabulous Flip Girls, Tatum and Peyton! Tatum and Peyton dedicate hours of every day to dance. They are both members of the YYC Dance Project and participate in dance competitions around the world. Dance has taught them motivation, dedication, and confidence, which are qualities we see in them every time they come and hang out at Triple Flip headquarters.

From April 24 – May 3, dancers all over North America will be celebrating National Dance Week. To show our support for the event, we had a photo shoot with Tatum and Peyton at the Alberta School of Ballet. At the end of our shoot, we caught up with the girls to ask them a few questions about the role dance plays in their lives. Their words truly inspired us.


“I prefer dance over any other activity because it helps me express myself like no other sport or activity and it is so much fun!” – Tatum

“When going to dance class I like to wear a comfy two piece outfit or a leotard. Overtop, I will wear sweats or leggings and my YYC Dance Project vest.” – Peyton

“The thing I love most about dance is that is has taught me how to handle my stress, be confident, and love myself.” – Peyton

” My dance studio gets to travel a lot, we go to three conventions outside Canada each year. My favourite place I have been so far is Vegas, baby!” – Tatum


” I plan on celebrating National Dance Week by dancing ALL the time!” -Peyton

It’s our pleasure to share Tatum and Peyton’s dance experiences in honour of #NationalDanceWeek. Stay tuned for more monthly sport features here on the Flipside Blog.


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