Triple Flip Dream Team: Diamonds Altadore Elite Cheerleading

Triple Flip Dream Team: Diamonds Altadore Elite Cheerleading

Who is Triple Flip’s next Dream Team? Meet the Diamonds Altadore Elite Cheerleading Team from Calgary, AB. These lucky Flip Girls stopped by and shared their story with us! What makes their team a DREAM TEAM?

The Diamonds Cheer team came out to our Deerfoot Meadows store location for the ultimate Triple Flip experience! The girls got to pick out their favourite pieces, try on all of their favourite outfits and even performed cheer routines in our store windows- what a unique experience! We asked our Dream Team to share a bit more about their team spirit!



How do you feel about being triple flip’s next Dream Team?
“I feel super excited and a little nervous!” – Lingleigh

What Sport does your team play?
“Cheerleading!” – Sophia

How many times a week does your team practice?
“Our team practices twice a week!” – Britany

What is your favourite part of being a part of a team?
“The best part is working hard and having lots of encouragement from the rest of the team. I always feel safer with a strong team!” – Hanna


What team building activities does your team participate in?
“We have pajama parties, go to movie nights, and paint together.” – Tasha

What do you love most about your sport/activity?
“Tumbling and Stunts!” – Haven

Are there any athletes you look up to? Why?
“Haven and my sister Asia because they’re the strongest people on the team.” -Bella

If you could go to any sports game what would it be?
“I would go to a hockey game. I like to watch the Red Wings, Hitmen, Flames, and Oilers!” – Kayla



Do you get pre-game jitters (or for dance/gym “stage freight”?) How do you and your team deal with that?
“We occasionally get butterflies but we power through!” – Haven

Is there anything special that you would like to say about yourself?
“I do theatre every Saturday. We practice a story book. I was Flounder this year in the Little Mermaid.” – Georgia




A big thank-you to Diamonds Altadore Elite Cheerleading for nominating their team and sharing their story. Make sure you check back for the next DREAM TEAM feature!


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