Trend Spotting: Back to School 2016

Trend Spotting: Back to School 2016

Back to school jitters? Triple Flip points out back to school trends, and key pieces to make girls feel confident in an A+ “look” on their first day of school.

Trend Spotting:  CUTOUTS
Cutouts continue to be a key detail that adds interest to a piece.  For Back to School, we’ve incorporated it in a few pieces, in a way that is fun but without too much exposure that would make someone feel uncomfortable.  Our two key pieces showcasing this trend are:

Eclipse-Close-UpEclipse Top
An instant hit, designed by 14 year old Maddie Thompson, a Triple Flip fan from Winnipeg!  This dance-inspired layering piece has small peekaboo cutouts on the front of the shoulder, and an open, overlapping back that is perfect for showing off a strappy sports bra or tank underneath.   Made in a softly brushed technical fabric that breathes and wicks moisture, this top keeps you the perfect temperature for your activities, and does it in style.

Also shown:  Tangle Bra

Interval Crop 3

Interval Crop Pant

Available in solid black and grey, we are excited about this legging because it is an outfit maker, pairing easily with tanks for sports or casual wear.  Cutouts on the lower calf are fun, in a sophisticated kind of way, so much so, that we have lots of adults wanting to buy these for themselves!  (And yes, our size range is very inclusive, so these will fit up to a 32” inseam and 30” waist.)


In September and into the Holiday season, you will see a lot of dresses for tweens that build on this trend with full straps on top of the shoulder, with an upper arm/shoulder cutout.  We like that we’re seeing styles that are age appropriate, yet perfectly on trend for what is in the junior and adult market.

While athleisure continues to hit the fashion news in women’s, for tweens, athleisure is a way of life, not a trend, and clothes have to play as hard as they do.  We look for versatile fabrics, textures and details that can take a girl from school to sport effortlessly, meeting all her needs for comfort, movement, and functionality.  The ultimate piece is the legging, a must have, in more than one way, because it can lend itself to looking fashionable, whether at school, or outside of school, and for many activities.

Accelerate Legging in Midnight Blue Double Dip 

 This fabricAccelerate-Legging-1 is so soft that we think it might be made of unicorn fur and cotton candy, but the tag says it is a technical performance fabric.  It won’t pill, shrink or fade, and for something this soft, that truly is magical.   We love that it is a subtle heather which gives a textural interest, but still combines with almost any top to give endless combinations.  This year, we are featuring a lot of leggings that have textural elements in neutral colours, that allow them to replace many other kinds of pants, and be worn every day, not just for active needs.  We are pairing one of our World’s Softest Leggings with a knit sweater or cardigan that is long enough to cover the bum, as a key outfit for Back to School.

KEY STYLE TIP:  Looser tops and cardigans in tunic lengths are becoming more important.  Look for styles that are longer in the back to wear with leggings that can take you more places.


Accelerate Legging in Crystallize Print
Our stunning Crystallize Print is inspired by nature’s own geometric shapes layered over hues of the sky as it morphs into a sunset.  We are using a lot of ombre-type treatments this season, whether it is in a print such as we’ve shown here, or using colour blocking of gradient tones, in a sophisticated use of colour that intrigues our girl’s imagination.

We see that girls are more engaged and concerned with the health of our planet than ever before.  Nature themes, whether it is animals or the environment, are becoming more important as an expression of her interests and individual thoughts.

Upbeat-Hoodie-&-Crystallize-AccelerateKEY SHOPPING TIP:
On the theme of the environment, invest in the quality that will last more than one season by choosing fabrics and styles that will stretch and allow for growth, and have the quality that will allow clothing to look new through many wears and get passed down to others to enjoy when you’re done with it.  Fast fashion contributes too much to our overflowing landfill problems. We can buy less, by buying better.



Kira Tee – This is My Handstand Shirt
For too long, options for girls have been dominated with princess themes and messaging that creates gender stereotypes.  We stand for empowering messages and experiences that help girls develop critical thinking, a voice, and confidence in their abilities.  This tshirt was an instant hit, as an example of that, because girls felt they could be proud of the cool things they can do, and their bodies being valued more than just as beauty objects.  We vote for fashion that can promote self-confidence and healthy, active lifestyles that lead to feeling good inside.

Minky-&-Glide-2Trend Spotting: Comfort Dressing
This is a theme that permeates the selection at Triple Flip stores, and the overarching theme of athleisure, but I wanted to give a special call out to how important this is for this age group.  We see more and more children who have sensory issues or sensitive skin that makes it difficult for them to be comfortable in many situations, including sitting in a desk at school or laying in a hospital bed.  Their frantic parents are desperate to find clothing that will help ease their child’s duress.  Because I’m a parent, too, we pay special attention to the tactile features of every garment we produce, from the labelling to the seams, and fabric qualities that impact breath-ability and softness so that these are the kind of clothes that can feel like a second skin or are so touchable that it can be calming just by running your hand over the surface.  We’ve had families tell us that our clothing has been “life changing” for them, for this reason.  Now why wouldn’t we all want to dress this way, given the choice and opportunity.  We make those kind of clothes.

We don’t believe, however, that Comfort Dressing means being sloppy or grungy.  Our interpretation of it includes happy colours.  Soft, stretchy fabrics.  Clean finishes.  And a variety of silhouettes, so that girls can find their own kind of feeling good.

Minky Dimples Bubble Hoodie
Our iconic Minky Dimples Bubble Hoodie has been a staple for girls for years, superseding the cotton hoodie because of its softness and fun factor with all the little dimples.


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