The Way of Harmony

The Way of Harmony

We took an afternoon to catch up with past flip girl Caelyn and two of her friends, Brayanna and Melissa, at Vecova Recreation Centre. The three girls practice the art of Hapkido to learn self confidence, increase strength and train in self defence. They push their boundaries every day and step out of their comfort zone in order to reach their goals. We truly had an amazing time watching and learning how dedicated each girl was to their activity.

After the exclusive photo shoot, we went behind the scenes with Caelyn and asked her a few questions.

What initially sparked your interest in taking up Hapkido?

“I was three when I first started Hapkido. I was watching all the big kids and my parents do Hapkido so I wanted to do it too. It looked like a lot of fun to kick targets.”

What do you love most about your sport?
“I like how it teaches me to defend myself in case I ever get bullied or if my friends get bullied. I can stand up for myself and others if we are in a situation where we need to protect ourselves.”


What has taking up Hapkido taught you?

“It has taught me to stay strong and stand up for myself. And it teaches me to defend myself in a fight.”

Have you made a lot of friends through your sport?

“I’ve made quite a few friends that are around my belt level and some are around my age.”

How long have you been training?

“Almost 7 years.”

What colour of belt are you and why?

“I am a green belt and I have been training hard to focus on my technique.”


Did you enjoy your triple flip photo shoot? What was your favourite part?

“I really enjoyed the Triple Flip photo shoot! My favourite part was when we were doing the hand stands and the cartwheels. And a little bit of the kicking.”


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