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At Triple Flip, we want you to feel as good inside, as you look outside in flipwear, knowing that Triple Flip is a brand that you can trust. We design all our flipwear with real girls in mind. We use real girls as sizing models, show real girls in all our promotional material and real girls inspire our designs! That’s why we LOVE to hear from real girls everyday about what their rants and raves are about Triple Flip. Recently, Morgan wrote in with questions about Triple Flip clothing. She is a rock climber and she loves wearing her Triple Flip leggings to conquer new heights at the rock climbing gym. She also loves our planet and had some specific questions about the impact our clothing and company has on the environment. She wanted to make sure that she was wearing clothing that wasn’t going to ruin the mountains that she wanted to climb in the future!

We are proud that flipwear is designed in Calgary and our stretchwear is exclusively manufactured in Canada. By producing locally, we are able to better control our quality, design and response time to our customers. It also enables us to create some very unique styles in smaller quantities, so you don’t feel like you’re wearing the same outfit that a hundred other people are. Another great reason to produce locally is that we are able to ensure that the people who make our stretchwear are in safe working conditions and are paid a fair wage. Children should be wearing and enjoying our flipwear, not making it!  We uphold Canadian employment and manufacturing standards that keep our employees safe.

At our manufacturing facility, we also try to minimize any fabric wastage that we can.  Little pieces of fabric are carefully saved and every inch put to use in making headbands or little ties to bundle clothing for shipping, instead of plastic bags.  We want less of our fabric to end up in the garbage dump so are always looking for initiatives that can reduce waste.  Production samples and factory seconds are either sold at a discount or donated to charity.  This year, we had an employee sample sale that raised more than $500 for charity, and we sent four giant boxes of clothing to children’s charities.

As for environmental standards, our stretchwear fabric is bluesign® certified. Believe it or not, the textile industry can be very harmful to the environment. The bluesign® standard makes sure that clothing and textile manufacturers are causing the least possible environmental impact. We make sure that our fabric mills use strictly controlled air emissions along the entire production chain and our water emissions are strictly controlled to cause the least possible pollution of rivers, lakes and seas. bluesign® also ensures the health and safety of employees and consumers. That means when you receive stretchwear from Triple Flip, you know it is made from high-quality textile products that came from sustainable production.

Beyond the milling of the fabric and construction of the garments, there are a few other initiatives that Triple Flip uses to protect the planet we live on.  We don’t believe in producing disposable clothing.  Triple Flip selects high quality fabrics that withstand the test of multiple washes, lots of fun-loving wear, and more.  This means that your flipwear looks like new even long after you’ve outgrown it, and you can pass it on to friends and family to enjoy for a long time to come.  The added stretch and longer sleeve lengths in most of our flipwear means that it grows a little more with you, too.  And when you grow taller faster than you grow wider, that means that you can just hem your pants into capris or shorts and still keep wearing them.

In our stores, we have shifted to energy-efficient lighting to ensure that we are keeping our energy costs as low as possible.  Our shopping bags that you take your Triple Flip goods home in, are also made to be reused.  They make great lunch bags, gym bags, and carry-alls and you will see that we even put a place on them to write your name, so you know whose is whose in the locker room or on the soccer field!  We hope you will get some great use out of these bags, again and again.  Our gift to you, and the environment.

Thanks so much Morgan for your fantastic questions and if any of our Flip Fans want to find out more about the bluesign® standard they can check it out at: www.bluesign.com. If you have any questions about our flipwear, comment below or email us at: flipgirl@tripleflip.ca. We love hearing from you!

Morgan climbing in her favourite Triple Flip Capris!


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  1. Charlotte - March 31, 2013

    Thnx so much for being manufactured in Canada!!!!!! It makes me feel so good because no child labour has been used. Thk u so much Triple flip!

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