I Play Soccer, What’s Your Superpower?

I Play Soccer, What’s Your Superpower?

What does it mean to be a part of a team? It’s like being a part of a family. You compete as one, not as individuals. The team with the best players isn’t necessarily the one that wins; it’s the players with the best team that wins! As soccer season continues into the summer, we caught up with Avery, Linnea and Mia who play for the U14 Colgen Spurs. On the field, they are teammates and off the field, they are great friends who know how to have tons of fun!

What is your favourite part of playing soccer?

“Being a part of a team, running and of course scoring!” – Mia

If you could wear any outfit to practice, what would you wear?

“Triple Flip shorts, a t-shirt and a matching headband.” – Linnea


What do you love most about being a part of a team?

“You make so many friends when you are on a team. It is also great to have so many people supporting each other, whether we win or lose.” – Avery

How do you feel when you score a goal?

” I feel so many emotions. Happy, proud, cool, confident and strong.” -Mia

How do you celebrate after winning a game?

” We go for ice cream!” – Avery


If you could be a hash tag, what would you be?

#unstoppable – Mia
#teamwork- Avery
#leeathletic – Linnea


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