#GivingTuesday 2016

#GivingTuesday 2016

flip’anTHrǝpē/ noun: the desire to promote fun experiences and healthy lifestyles, expressed especially by generous donations to good causes

#GivingTuesday is a day for giving back.  All over the world, people are embracing this day as an opportunity to raise money for local non-profits, schools and arts organizations; run food and clothing drives; teach children about philanthropy; encourage acts of kindness; collaborate with their neighbors; and celebrate generosity.

Triple Flip’s community giving program, flipAnthropy, is designed to create a positive impact in our community. We focus on events that provide exceptional opportunities for youth to lead an active lifestyle. We allocate our donations annually to different events and sports to ensure that we create a widespread legacy.

Did you know that when Triple Flip is there at an event with a pop up store, that the proceeds of goods sold benefit the event?  Last year, Triple Flip’s presence at more than 50 events across Canada contributed funding that directly impacted more than 35,000 youth.  There are so many worthy causes and events to choose from, and we support positive experiences for girls in many ways, from supporting fundraising that allow more girls to get involved at a lower cost, to prizes that reward athletes for showing sportsmanship and passion.

Our giving also takes other forms, in how we operate our business based on a set of corporate values and ethics that guide our decisions.  We find it shocking that it is common practice of many apparel brands to slash and destroy slightly damaged clothing, making it unwearable and filling landfills in the process.  We make a conscious choice to donate any merchandise that isn’t sellable quality, so that many girls can still benefit and enjoy it, even though it may have slight defects. Our customers also have the opportunity to share Triple Flip clothes with those in need, with our annual Designed to Grow|Designed to Last campaign, where they bring back gently used Triple Flip clothes that they’ve outgrown, and we donate them to different charities. Together, this results in thousands of items each year being given to girls (in Canada and beyond), and bringing them joy.


Children and women in Brazil and Uganda wearing donated Triple Flip clothing. These pieces were not sold in stores because of excessive pilling. They were distributed by Global Youth Network.

At Triple Flip, we love to see girls get involved and make a difference.  odd-soxWe’ve helped dozens of girls in their giving initiatives by giving them a platform to bring their cause to light.  Read about their wonderful efforts in our GIRLS GIVE blog posts, and be inspired!  From Carly & Charly in their Odd Sox program for the homeless, to Alexa in her Bead 4 Better bracelets for the Sick Kids Hospital.

In 2015, people participated in #GivingTuesday activities in 71 countries around the globe, and this year, participating countries include Australia, Brazil, Kenya, Slovenia, Tanzania, the UK and more. This year, Triple Flip’s World Headquarters is participating in a food drive for our local foodbank, and we will be spending the day planning our pop-ups for 2017.

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The act of charitable giving during the holidays began thousands of years ago and continues to be an important part of many cultures, religions and traditions. To help celebrate #givingtuesday you can donate to your favourite non-profit group or collect food for the foodbank . For more ideas about how to get involved visit: www.givingtuesday.org

Share your giving initiatives with us and we’ll help share them with the world!  Send it to flipgirl@tripleflip.ca


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