Every Summer Has A Story

Every Summer Has A Story

Beach hair, flip flops, and sandy toes! Summer is officially here to stay! What adventures do you plan on taking this summer? The memories you create and the friends you make will last forever. Meet Flip Girls and best friends Brelan, Mykka, and Mollen who decided to kick off their summer with us. Who doesn’t love a little beach volleyball and friendly competition. After the game, we caught up with Brelan to explore some of her summer favourites.

What outdoor activity do you enjoy most in the summer?


On a hot sunny day what do you do to cool down?
“Hang at the beach, I am able to jump in the water whenever it gets too hot.”

Where is your favourite summer hang out spot?
“The water park!”

If you were to play Volleyball indoors what position would you want to be?
“A server, I also enjoy bumping.”

What type of outfit would you wear when playing beach volley ball?
“A bikini top and board shorts.” (OR even a TF rash guard!)


Tell us something we don’t know about you!
“I LOVE Starbucks!”

We are looking forward to see what this summer brings us!


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