Empowering Girls: As We Are Project

Empowering Girls: As We Are Project

Recently, our South Edmonton Common store team had the pleasure of hosting an As We Are workshop, and here is what they have to say about it!

We heard about the As We Are project on the radio, and after some research and speaking with its creators, Lorna Jones and Beth Malcolm, it was clear – this was something we wanted to bring to you! During the workshop, not only are girls challenged to think about gender stereotypes and negative media advertisements but how to combat those hurtful messages and find their voice. Through various guided activities, we identified our own personal strengths and rediscovered our value.


Once the conversation got started, time moved quickly, almost too quickly! We discussed some of the people in our lives whom we admire; a ringette coach, a long distance friend, a teacher. Identifying the qualities that make these people admirable was just the first step in recognizing some of those same qualities in ourselves. Understanding, intelligent, brave, positive, strong and confident are just some of the words that we came up with. After choosing one or two qualities that each of us felt applied, we shared as a group why we chose the words we did.


When it came time to start designing the t-shirts, one thing was certain – we all have a message! With markers in hand, those messages were made official. 2 hours and 7 t-shirts later, we were inspired and amazed by the commitment of these girls to deliver a design that they felt was authentic and empowering. A design that showcased creativity, thoughtfulness and courage. We did more than make t-shirts that day. We gave ourselves permission to speak up.


To learn more about the As We Are project and the Canadian Women’s Foundation, visit: http://www.canadianwomen.org/asweare

To find out about upcoming workshops and in store events,
visit: http://tripleflip.ca/upcoming-events

~ Alanna, South Edmonton Common


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