Designed to Grow | Designed to Last

Designed to Grow | Designed to Last

That First Day of School Feeling

How exciting is the first day of school? Seeing old friends again, maybe even making some new ones? New teacher, new classroom, new school supplies. And best of all, a new outfit especially picked out just for that first day back!

Do your parents take pictures of you every year? Standing with your sisters and brothers, and asking you to smile HUGE smiles as they take about a million pictures before finally going off to start the new year!

Many of us who work for Triple Flip are moms and dads, and we can tell you there is nothing like capturing your Flip Girl smiling proudly as she enters her brand new grade, in her new favourite outfit!

But one thing we realized is that not all girls get that feeling, when circumstances they can’t control mean this special feeling just isn’t possible.

And we need YOUR help to do something about it!

Girls Helping Girls

Since 2005, Triple Flip has been creating feel-good clothes that are designed to last. Customers just like you have shared so many great stories about how that flipwear was worn until the sleeves were too short on the jacket, or the pants just didn’t fit anymore despite all that great stretch. So you pass that well-loved, outgrown Triple Flip clothing down, from one girl to another, because those outfits still look so good.

With your help, we’d like to get some of those cherished flipwear outfits into the hands of girls who could really use them, and pass along some smiles!

Throughout the month of August, girls will be helping girls, and sharing that ‘First Day of School Outfit feeling’ by bringing in well-loved, outgrown, clean flipwear into Triple Flip stores across Canada.

All of that clothing will be shared with women’s shelters and local charities, who will make sure it gets to girls who need it most. Girls who would otherwise not have anything new-to-them to start the school year off, with something that fits and feels so very good.

As a thank-you, we’ll share 10% off your next purchase at Triple Flip! Give some HAPPY, get some HAPPY back – that’s a feeling we can all flip for.

And stay tuned…we’ll be sharing stories about each of the charities you’ve helped support, and all the good that they are doing in the community!



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  1. Miranda - July 31, 2014

    I will definitely bring my old flip wear. Its just sitting in my closet waiting for a good home:)

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