AMBER  – #flipgirl Of The Month

AMBER – #flipgirl Of The Month

MEET FLIP GIRL AMBERa very spunky dancer from Calgary,AB. She has been a dancer for 8 years and she absolutely loves it. Well Amber, we absolutely love you and are so thrilled to be featuring you this month. Read more about Amber below. 

Favourite Sport or activity and Why?

Dance!!!  It’s a way to find yourself and lose yourself at the same time.  It helps me express myself in a way that words can’t.

What’s your favourite outfit at Triple Flip?  

Leggings, dance wear, but especially the Romper!!

What’s your greatest accomplishment?

Winning a scholarship to Mather Dance Company Trans4m Summer Intensive in LA in 2016.


What makes you smile?
My Mama’s casserole  🙂   I love seeing the joy my dancing brings to those who love me.

Who do you look up to the most?  

My mom.  She is beautiful, smart, a great mother, she has 2 amazing daughters and a very successful company.  I love her.


How do you hope to inspire other girls?  
By showing them to always be positive.  Don’t try to be better than other people.  Your only competition is who you were yesterday.  If you can be anything you want to be, always be kind.


Triple Flip is passionate about making a difference and helping girls stay happy and confident as they grow. Thank you, Amber, for being a role model, in leading a flip life, and inspiring us all!


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